Can Google Maps help me change lanes?

Every day when i drive down i-95 south to get to work more often than not, i find myself stuck in the slowest moving lane. I have tried using Google Maps and Waze intermittently to find a faster way.. By now you know at least 2 things

1. I do change lanes a lot while driving in my quest to get ahead

2. I see the glass half full and keep using maps on my daily route with a hope that i will reach my destination within shortest time possible..

Google maps keeps surprising me with new features ever so often. Most recently, it lets me pick the time of travel and gives an idea of the duration of the travel based on this input..thats a lot of data gathering and processing…. taking this even further, i was wondering if google can tell which lane i should be in to move faster?

To provide this level of detail, the real time data processing logic needs to evolve significantly. We all know that that left most lane is the supposed to be the place for every one moving faster than others.. but very often we have these moral police who are the slowest of the lot and love driving in the leftmost lane… more power to them.. but why should i suffer and how can i circumvent the situation .. and the lane changing logic may be the answer..

Again, this is a very raw thought and i am sure there are other considerations needed.. for example, if an app were to tell me to change lanes, everyone using the app with a desire to go faster will change lanes within a 1-2 minute window.. that will just end up making the fast lane slow.. and the app will now suggest that change the lanes back to where you started… so worst case scenario would be everyone just changing lanes.. and creating some sort of sine way along the road..

Another consideration is to create user segments based on the intent, not everyone would want to go fast, some of us do want to drive more cautiously than others and for this segment safety would be top priority, so based on such intent you could pick a setting in the app such as “time no bar” and “shortest time” pretty similar to the settings you have when you select your route.

I am sure i have missed some key considerations, but the questions is can this be done?


Product Design – Can Paris Hilton be Hillary Clinton?

I think something changed this summer, something so innate that I wonder how i didn’t think of mentioning this before. I realized that I have always been into questioning, criticizing and looking at everything differently, but until some time back I used to think that something is seriously wrong with me at a personal level and I am a devil critic, but now i can see where that comes from.. it just comes from an urge to make complex things simple, while keeping it aesthetically beautiful.

The myth has been broken by the mobile application world.. that a tool that is beautiful can be of high utility value. In other words, Paris Hilton can now have the IQ of Hillary Clinton! Thats what any mobile application is capable of. Using basic usability concepts and latest innovative tools for development, a simple app can be attractive! Take a look at the application made by Recce for New York City.

Let me know your thoughts!