Product Design – Can Paris Hilton be Hillary Clinton?

I think something changed this summer, something so innate that I wonder how i didn’t think of mentioning this before. I realized that I have always been into questioning,¬†criticizing¬†and looking at everything differently, but until some time back I used to think that something is seriously wrong with me at a personal level and I am a devil critic, but now i can see where that comes from.. it just comes from an urge to make complex things simple, while keeping it aesthetically beautiful.

The myth has been broken by the mobile application world.. that a tool that is beautiful can be of high utility value. In other words, Paris Hilton can now have the IQ of Hillary Clinton! Thats what any mobile application is capable of. Using basic usability concepts and latest innovative tools for development, a simple app can be attractive! Take a look at the application made by Recce for New York City.

Let me know your thoughts!