About Me

The ultimate aim is to bring technology to people and not people to technology. It isn’t about selling a product or service, it is about understanding what people do best and offering a platform to make it better!

With Technology disruptive changes happen all the time and the world keeps getting  flatter. The competition is fierce, and a small start-up in Serbia has the same opportunity as a billion dollar company in Seattle!

The Power of Differences will dominate the mobile innovation strategy and consumers will ensure that the simple yet beautiful design survives! I represent the commonality of these differences and a voice to make product designs user centric!

I am a simple soul, talent in search of opportunity, but confident of creating that opportunity if need be ..Currently, with the right mix of Talent, and never ending determination i am very close to point A and thus making it big is unavoidable.

Talent meets opportunity

About Ameya Thorat


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